Travel begins at home….Portsmouth, England

Well, why not? I don’t live in a beautiful city, but it is at least a very historic one. It’s the school summer holidays here, and we had the opportunity to go and visit the sights.


We do at least have a landmark now, the Spinnaker Tower. Worth a visit on a clear day as the views are pretty good. First up was HMS Warrior in the Dockyard. A couple of years ago I went to Nelson’s Dockyard in Antigua, which was a beautiful setting. Admiral Lord Nelson of course had a few gigs over here too.


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Next up was HMS Victory

20130728_122753 20130728_131937 20130728_133144

And finally the Mary Rose, which as we all know was Henry VIII’s warship built in 1512. It’s seen better days though…(sorry, couldn’t resist)


This concludes the short tourist information segment on my home town. Come and visit!



A cheeky and last second week in the sun. I’ve never visited Greece before. Tourism is down a fair bit, and the locals are appreciative of your visit given the precarious state of the Greek economy. The shopkeepers are anticipating working in drachmas again before too long. We stayed in Argassi, which was a nice family friendly resort.




After 5 days of chilling by the pool I began to get itchy feet so made my way over to Zakynthos Town.


As with many countries in this part of the world, churches are everywhere. This one is in the main square in Zakynthos Town.

The temperature was 32C so the hike up the hill to the castle overlooking the town was good exercise. The views made it worthwhile though.




Back down by the harbour, I strolled around and saw the local fisherman peddling their wares. I doubt it gets any fresher than this…


I sat and ate lunch opposite this boat, and chose fresh grilled sardines. Copious amounts of local food and drink were sampled during the week, the traditional lamb kleftico being one of the highlights. The wine is pretty good too, interestingly in restaurants you are asked if you want your red wine chilled or at room temperature. Of course I had to try it both ways….