Final thoughts – Adios Peru

No doubt about it, “The Gringo Trail” in Peru was fantastic. Lots of highlights, all previously documented. Whoever you are, you should consider visiting this beautiful country.

To finish, a few random observations about the trip:

– Every time you get into a taxi you are literally taking your life in your hands – driving here is not for the feint hearted, and I’m staggered how some of them still function on 4 wheels.

– Avoid overnight buses unless you can literally sleep through anything.  If you can’t, it feels like you’re watching the Horror Channel in the dark for 3 days straight without food or water or taking your eyes off the screen.

– Near raw fish (Ceviche) is often better then cooked fish.

– If you’re a fussy/unadventurous/nervous eater, chips will be a good friend.

– If you get fed up drinking Pisco Sours ( the national drink), then if you must move onto Pisco shots try to avoid the green ones.

– Some hotels have badly maintained electric showers known to electrocute. Sometimes it’s better to be a bit whiffy.

– Piscopiscopisco isn’t really a town, as some bus drivers would have you believe, it’s actually just called Pisco.

– Maca is the (ahem) “food supplement” of choice, particularly when mixed with Quinoa powder (apparantly)

– 100% Baby Alpaca  garments quite often aren’t. The  clue is in the softness (or not as the case may be), Baby Alpaca is ‘uncommonly’ soft.

– “The View” at Machu Picchu is every bit as good as you think it’s going to be

– Inca Kola is lovely, but how the hell am I going to get some back in the UK?


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